⭐️ KEYNOTE 2: How Airtable can enable you to solve real business problems

Saturday, April 9, 2022 10:00 AM



    [x] CONCEPTS -Overview of ideas, functions and features. [x] BEST PRACTICES- Real world tips, tricks and hacks. [ ] HANDS -ON EXERCISES - Exercises to do in the session with your laptop.


    ** **How Airtable can enable you to solve real business problems

    How are product, community and ecosystem programs converging at Airtable to help users sove their business problems? Join Jen Rudd from Airtable consultancy “Grow With Jen, Inc.” and Al Biedrzycki, Head of Ecosystem Marketing at Airtable for a session that explores:

    • A current snapshot of Airtable’s product, community, and ecosystem vision and where we see them going
    • A framework, presented by Jen Rudd, that can help you better define a business problem to build the right solution on Airtable


    • An inquisitive mind to learn what Airtable is cooking up for community, ecosystem and product in 2022 and beyond
    • A business problem that you (or someone you know) is trying to solve with Airtable


    • Inspire
    • Excited
    • Ready for the world.